We have finished development of our PNP ECU for the EA11R Suzuki Cappuccino and are now beginning production. The basic functioning of our PNP was covered in our previous blog post and in the PNP documentation page. In this post we’ll discuss some new features and options for our PNP and the tune we’re providing with it.


The main goal of this PNP has been to compete with N1 and N2 ECUs previosly sold by Suzuki/Monster Sport. A considerable amount of work has gone into developing a tune for the PNP to be able to provide the same level of drivability of the OEM Suzuki ECU and increased performance. This is not a “limp to the dyno” tune. It is as complete as we can make it. Many tuning sessions, hundreds of hours of datalogging by beta testers on three continents, hours on a chassis dynomometer, and review by professionals with decades of experience have culminated in a tune which provides out-of-the-box performance.

While we have worked to make as complete of a tune as possible, we have tried to make it easy to work with. Spark and VE tables are split so that table scaling for boost can be done without rescaling or retuning off-boost areas.

We will continue to work with this PNP to provide further tunes for basic modifications like bigger turbos and injectors. Tunes are available in our gitlab repository.


Based on feedback from our beta testers, we’ve implemented some features in our PNP above and beyond features native to the OEM ECU or Microsquirt Module.

RS232 and UART

The Microsquirt Module is programmed using RS-232. While this is a reliable and robust protocol, and is still extremely common in industry, it is not common for most consumers. To be able to adapt commercially available modules we have included circuitry to convert this RS-232 to TTL-level UART. A jumper allows the user to choose between the RS-232 connector or UART header.

Bluetooth and USB

To provide tuning, logging, and monitoring we have provided a UART header. This can be used to provide USB or bluetooth connctions to the Microsquirt Module. Bluetooth can operate through the ECU case, allowing the PNP to be tuned without any wires going through the case.


The Microsquirt Module includes the ability to communicate over CAN Bus. Our PNP provides access to the CAN Bus via a 4-pin Molex connector on the PCB and an included DB9 cable. This allows access to the CAN Bus data for dataloggers, dashboards, and external controllers.


We have included a header on our PNP to fit an Arduino Pro Mini or a SparkFun AST-CAN485. This is connected to the CAN Bus to allow logging or controlling. Two UART connections to the Arduino are provided to allow connection of various devices including USB, Bluetooth, and the SparkFun OpenLog. If the SparkFun AST-CAN485 is used, a second CAN Bus is available on a second 4-pin Molex connector.


We hope that we’ve put together a product which provides the flexibility of a programmable engine management system and performs out-of-the-box as well as the Suzuki Sport ECUs.

contact us if you have any questions or are interested in a PNP system for your EA11R.