While the Cappuccino is capable and fun in its stock form, its engine management system is archaic. For a long time the only option for those desiring more were modified OEM ECUs developed when the car was new. These are getting harder to find and are unacceptably expensive. To fill this need we are developing a plug-and-play programmable engine management system and providing tunes for the EA11R.

The Plug-and-Play

Our plug-and-play engine management system installs a Microsquirt Module inside an EA11R Cappuccino ECU case, plugs into the electrical harness, and runs the engine as well as the OEM ECU. This provides datalogging and full tuning capabilities. To facilitate logging and tuning the kit also provides a wideband lambda controller.

The above picture shows one of our beta prototype PNPs. Some circuits will be different on the production PNP.

The Microsquirt Module

The Microsquirt Module is a programmable engine management system on a small printed circuit board. It is a modular version of the Microsquirt EFI controller intended for integration into bespoke EFI systems. The Microsquirt Module found success as the basis of DIYAutoTune’s MSPNP and DIYPNP systems. In fact, the alpha version of our Plug-and-Play was based on a DIYAutoTune DIYPNP.

For this PNP we are running MS2/Extra firmware.


To adapt the Microsquirt Module to the EA11R chassis, we’ve developed a PCB which fits inside the OEM EA11R ECU case. This PCB connects to the Cappuccino’s engine harness, and adapts the inputs and outputs between the stock EFI components and the Microsquirt Module.

The video below shows a bench test of the throttle switch to TPS circuitry. This allows the stock Cappuccino’s throttle switches to be interpreted by the microsquirt. Functions such as acceleration enrichment, flood clearing, and idle control rely on this circuitry.

We’ve tried our hardest to make installation as straightfoward as possible. The OEM ECU is removed from the Cappuccino. Its PCB is removed from the case. The PNP PCB is installed in the Cappuccino ECU case. The ECU is then reinstalled in the Cappuccino. Finally, timing is adjusted with a timing light. If logging and tuning will be required the OEM oxygen sensor is replaced with the wideband lambda controller detailed below.

Wideband Lambda Controller

To facilitate logging, tuning, and monitoring we’ve developed a plug-and-play wideband lambda controller. This is based on 14point7’s Spartan Lambda Controller 2 using a genuinge Bosch Lambda Sensor LSU 4.9. It is installed in the down pipe and plugs into the engine harness in place of the OEM Cappuccino oxygen sensor. This lambda system sends the wideband oxygen signal through the OEM Cappuccino electrical harness to the Microsquirt Module.


This PNP can be tuned using EFI Analytics TunerStudio. This allows tuning all aspects of the engine management system.

We are developing tunes for stock EA11R EFI hardware. This will allow users to maximize the performance of the stock turbocharger and injectors. This tune will be included with production hardware. Further tunes will be developed for popular injector and turbocharger combuinations with the goal of taking performance as far as possible within the capabilities of a plug-and-play system.

What’s Next?

Beta testing is currently ongoing in-house. PNP units will be going out to beta testers shortly. Stay tuned for more updates! We’ll be adding a cornucopia of documentation to the website in support of these as well, so be looking for that!


We hope that we’ve put together a product which provides the flexibility of a programmable engine management system and performs out-of-the-box as well as the Suzuki Sport ECUs.

contact us if you have any questions or are interested in a PNP system for your EA11R.