We have started assembly and testing of V1.2 of our EA11R Cappuccino PNP. In this post we’ll discuss new features and differences for the V1.2 board.


All DIP switches have been replaced with solder bridges. Changing jumper settings will require soldering or desoldering these bridges.

The provisions for the Arduino Pro Mini or SparkFun AST-CAN485 Dev Board and its associated CAN Bus and UART hardware has been switched to through hole construction.

By using through hole construction the Arduino, CAN Bus, and UART hardware can be assembled as necessary. This reduces lead times for construction and testing.

New Features

V1.2 PNPs are now provisioned for more robust UART module connections. This means that USB and Bluetooth modules can be installed permanently in the PNP. The ECU can now be connected to phones, tablets, computers, or head units via USB or Bluetooth without external hardware!

The following UART modules can be installed permanently in the PNP:


contact us if you would like to order a plug-and-play!